Stavros Charisopoulos

Stavros Charisopoulos was born in 1976 Athens, Greece.

He developed an interest in photography by attending a two-year analogue photography course at the American Community School of Athens. He became a member of the Photographic Circle and attended technical seminars on Fine Art Photography by Platon Rivellis. His photographs were exhibited at the Hellenic American Union, the Tsichritzis Visual Arts Foundation and the Goulandris Museum of Natural History.

He is a landscape photographer who is equally drawn by architectural subjects. He has been photographing primarily long exposures and have been intrigued by the ways that time transforms space, and how a single image is able to compress this process of transformation.. His passion for recording the beauty of nature and capturing what the human eye is incapable of seeing helps him create a unique interpretation of a world with different dimensions.